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Participation of the Romanian national amateur radio team in the IARU HF World Championship goes a while back in time, but the most notable results were obtained beginning with the 1980s. In 1983, the national team YR0HQ scored 1st place in the World in the HQ station category (national teams). During the following years YR0HQ kept up good work

staying in top 10 worldwide, highlighting the excellence of Romanian radio amateurs.

YO3KPA radio club played a key role in the national team, contributing since the beginning to the YR0HQ nationwide effort. For several years, 2 band simultaneous operation took

place from National Children’s Palace which is an extraordinary achievement. In one particular year, the station operating on the 160m band broke down so Adrian YO3APJ had to

rush in with his personal transceiver and set up a temporary station on top of the building, among the antennas on the roof. He took over operation on top band from YO3KPA and

saved the day.

Notable operators of YR0HQ (operated from National Children’s Palace YO3KPA) are Sandy YO3ND, Adrian YO3APJ, Andy YO3JR, Daniel YO3GOD, Tibi YO9GZU, Mircea

YO3XX, Mihai YO3JOS, Ciprian YO3FWC, Horia YO3IMD, Daniel YO3GJC, Stefania YO9GJY (K1GJY), Tina YO3FRI  and others.





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